Arma Dei Academy strives to glorify God by providing an excellent classical Christian education founded upon a biblical worldview which equips students to live purposefully and intelligently in service to God and others.

march, 2017

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1mar9:00 am- 10:30 amOpen House9:00 am - 10:30 am Arma Dei AcademyEvent Type :Open House
2mar3:30 pm- 4:30 pmChorale (K-4)3:30 pm - 4:30 pm ADA Music RoomEvent Organized By: Mrs. Leah RossEvent Type :After School Activities
2mar3:30 pm- 4:30 pmCapellas3:30 pm - 4:30 pm Event Organized By: Katheryn PrannoEvent Type :After School Activities
2mar7:00 pm- 8:30 pmFaculty/Parent Book Club7:00 pm - 8:30 pm Latin RoomEvent Organized By: Mrs. Karen HeinEvent Type :FacultyParent Activities
3marAll DayField Trips(All Day: friday) Event Type :All School Event
3marAll DayEnd of 3rd Quarter(All Day: friday) Event Type :All School Event
3mar8:15 am- 8:45 amChapel8:15 am - 8:45 am
6mar3:30 pm- 4:45 pmChess Club3:30 pm - 4:45 pm Arma Dei AcademyEvent Organized By: Mr GinnEvent Type :After School Activities
7mar8:30 am- 10:30 amMoms Bible Study8:30 am - 10:30 am Event Organized By: Sandi VigilEvent Type :Parent Activities
7mar3:30 pm- 4:30 pmCalligraphy II- Celtic Knot Lettering3:30 pm - 4:30 pm Arma Dei Academy Art RoomEvent Organized By: Jayme KlepackiEvent Type :After School Activities
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Why choose a Classical & Christian Education for your child?

Classical Christian schools provide the best possible education, while helping students reach their God-given potential.

Age specific K–8th grade learning

Arma Dei Academy equips students to be lifelong learners by teaching a body of knowledge in a chronological, orderly fashion that compliments the student’s developing mind and body. Used for hundreds of years, this classical method produced many great thinkers with a long history of success. Graduates are familiar with history, composition, Latin, logic, math, science, rhetoric, and the fine arts, resulting in gracious, knowledgeable, thoughtful men and women.

Time-tested method and content

Arma Dei Academy equips students to be lifelong learners by teaching a body of knowledge in a chronological, orderly fashion that cooperates with the student’s developing mind and body. Used for hundreds of years, this classical method produced many great thinkers with a long history of success. Graduates are familiar with history, composition, Latin, logic, math, science, rhetoric, and the fine arts, resulting in gracious, knowledgeable, thoughtful men and women.

Christ-centered Curriculum

Arma Dei Academy teaches subjects based on the principle that God is the Creator of all that exists. Therefore, all knowledge is interrelated, pointing back to Him. Biblical standards of conduct are applied in school life, acknowledging that Jesus Christ is Lord of all. Arma Dei Academy believes that God has given parents responsibility for their children’s education. The academy instructs those students under the parents’ delegated authority.

Academically Vigorous

Students are capable of achieving much more than is commonly thought, and therefore classical Christian schools have high expectations for learning. Students with a classical Christian education experience the personal satisfaction that is inherent in mastering difficult tasks.

Learning Community

Arma Dei Academy is a community of believing parents and teachers sharing a commitment for teaching students to love learning and grow in godliness. Smaller class sizes (16:1 ratio) ensure that teachers know their students and are better able to serve them individually.

Deepen their understanding of the world and life by exposing them to great books.


Expose them to the greatest art, the greatest music, and the greatest literature to cultivate in them a love of beauty.


Relate their faith to everything!


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The fourth grade presented the periodic table in song at Chapel last week, along with a special “volcano” science experiment.

The periodic table is a tabular arrangement of the chemical elements, ordered by their atomic number, electron configurations, and recurring chemical properties. This ordering shows periodic trends, such as elements with similar behavior in the same column. It also shows four rectangular blocks with some approximately similar chemical properties. In general, within one row (period) the elements are metals on the left, and non-metals on the right.
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Looking for a great Christian school in Highlands Ranch? Join us for an Information Open House on March 1st at 9:00 A.M. – 10:30 A.M. See MoreSee Less

Open House

March 1, 2017, 9:00am – March 1, 2017, 10:30am

Looking for a great Christian school in Highlands Ranch? Join us for an Information Open House on March 1st at 9:00 A.M. – 10:30 A.M.

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Arma Dei Academy students in grades 1-8 will participate in the first Rocky Mountain Classical Christian Schools Speech Meet on March 16.

This regional meet is designed to offer a venue for students to develop and practice public speaking skills as well as build community amongst classical Christian students in the Rocky Mountain region.

Each student will compete in one of the following four categories: Dramatic Interpretation, Bible Memory, Poetry, or Patriotic Recitation.
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What Others Are Saying

We are thrilled to have found Arma Dei Academy. We have been so impressed with the curriculum and the high standards set for the students. We love the teachers’ commitment to the children and truly feel that our son is cared for and encouraged every day. The personal attention from every staff member has been so refreshing. Arma Dei has been such a blessing to our son and our family. Our only regret is not finding this school sooner.
Stephanie Scheich
My wife and I homeschooled our children prior to enrollment at Arma Dei, and pre-requisites to move our children to a school were only possible if a school had a strong commitment to Christ and a focus on academic excellence.  Arma Dei has met our criteria and so much more.  In addition to our children growing spiritually and competing against the best private schools in our region, the family dynamics are even stronger.  Families at Arma Dei attend school Bible studies on Friday mornings, regular gatherings are held at family homes and the men even have an opportunity to connect through fishing trips, BBQ and other activities.  
Our children are thriving, they are being prepared for life and I’ve personally enjoyed the newfound relationships.  
This is a blessed classical school, where it’s still possible to tell a teacher that our children need help with this or that…and their response is, “we’ll take care of it.” That just often doesn’t happen anymore.
The staff, teachers and administration are committed to educating my child. The proof is visible, measurable and demonstrable each and every day. It’s amazing and beyond our biggest hopes. God is great!
I am thrilled with academic excellence, the character training, and all things being taught in the context of giving glory to God.
Claire Reedy
In one semester at ADA we have witnessed such tremendous growth in our daughter. Her love of learning and her walk with the Lord have transformed and we could not be happier with our decision to send her ADA. I would highly recommend ADA to anyone who is looking for a classical education and for teachers and staff that care deeply for their students. Thank you, ADA! We feel so blessed to be a part of your family!
Dawn Sparks
The Kindergarten class our daughter was in was not ideal for her so we started to look around. We came across Arma Dei and were blown away by their educational philosophy. The knowledge and character of the students impressed us. Arma Dei was gracious enough to allow us to enter in midyear.
Our daughter is on the shy end, and witnessing how the teachers (not just the Kindergarten teacher) and the administration went out of their way to welcome our daughter and make sure she thrived was overwhelming. They keep the class sizes small and you can see the benefit in the individual attention. Our daughter is grown leaps and bounds in not only her writing, reading, and math, but also in her character and attitude.
We also have loved the classical approach and the integration of faith, which mesh so well. Finally, we had a rough year financially and the school worked with us to make the finances work. We have been very grateful how Arma Dei Academy has journeyed with our family.
Tatum Lehman
Arma Dei Academy is an amazing place! It is everything I could ask for in a school and more. The staff and teachers at Arma Dei Academy love the Lord, are passionate about education and are deeply committed to their students and families. There is a cohesiveness among the staff and families that is rare in the education world. I could not feel more supported by the administration and families at Arma Dei Academy. This is an amazing school!
My little 5 year old started her first experience with school! She had a couple rough weeks getting started, but with the help and direction from the BEST TEACHER EVER, my daughter is still LOVING school and so am I.
Our decision to send our daughter to Arma Dei was the right one! I was hesitant to send her to a Christian school because I didn’t want her experience to be “religious.” Upon visiting an open house, I had so much peace and she was enrolled.

The highlights of our experience with Arma Dei Academy are:
Relationships: The Kindie moms have quickly become some of my most treasured friends. They have supported me through an illness with my baby who was hospitalized over the holidays. They flooded our home with food, gifts and offers to help, visited us in the hospital and took care of our family. The school staff, administration and other families (we hadn’t even met) also supported us in prayer and support! Our awesome moms are always texting each other throughout the week, one mom will be running late and send out a text and within 2 seconds, three moms have said…..”I’ll wait here with your child til you get here.” It really is incredible. I appreciate the small community of like-minded families.
Character: Within the first couple weeks of school, my daughter came home talking to me about Attentiveness, then it was Obedience, Truthfulness, Generosity….etc. She sings songs about all the character qualities she has learned in school. It’s fun to her and helps me to coach her. I was so thrilled to have my daughter not just taught academically, but taught with the “whole person” in mind. She also deeply loves Jesus and prays for her school and friends. Any concerns I have had that her experience would be “religious” are gone.
Academics: There’s so much to say here, but the proof is in the development. My 5 year old 1. Reads like a champ 2. Recognizes famous paintings 3. Has been adding and subtracting double digits for months and started 1st grade math a couple weeks ago. 4. She writes her name in cursive!!! 5. Writes notes all the time and no longer reverses letters 6.Has vastly increased her vocabulary and loves homework! I also love that my husband and I get to pop in and have lunch with the kindergartners. They are like a little Italian family. Whoever talks the loudest and fastest gets heard. They are hilarious and so much fun! I also enjoy the opportunities we’ve had to serve the community over Christmas and also gather with the families for events like our Thanksgiving dinner, Dad’s cookout, School picnic, movie night and Valentine’s breakfast. The school offers a variety of opportunities to “do school” with your children and be a part of the community as a whole. I love talking about Arma Dei to our friends and community because it has been such a big part of our lives this past year.
Jolene Picone
“As a father of three talented children, I was dissatisfied with the level of academic rigor and spiritual preparation provided to my children at the local public school. Arma Dei Academy has been just what I have been looking for to prepare my children’s minds and hearts. With their minds fed by the great curriculum, the essential skills taught in logic, literature and science, and Biblical truths infused in every subject my children are thriving and extremely happy. Thank you founders and staff of Arma Dei! PS. I love hearing the kids so excited about Latin – a unique distinction at Arma Dei Academy!”


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